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Laser Cutting

Types of Laser Cutting


There are three types of laser cutting that exist. These are sublimation cutting, flame-cutting or oxygen cutting, and fusion cutting.


Sublimation Cutting

Submlimation cutting produces some of the highest quality edges on the market. This is key for applications where precision is a prerequisite.

The process works by vaporizing the cut material and reducing the overall melting factor of metal processing. High pressure from the material vapor blows the molten material through the kerf, resulting in a cleaner end product.


Flame / Oxygen Cutting

Laser cutting with oxygen vaporizes the material after being heated up to initiion temperature by the laser.

The reaction between the oxygen and the metal actually creates additional energy in the form of heat, which supports the cutting process.


Fusion Cutting

Laser fusion cutting uses the inert gases nitrogen and/or argon that are driven directly into the kerf at pressures of up to 20 bar.

The specific properties of this gas cool the material and prevent any oxidation at the cutting edge, producing excellent cut quality.

This process is suitable for thin sheets and in situations where the workpieces must fulfill high visual requirements without further processing.