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MPC2000 MC

Precision Cutting System.
Built for the toughest environments.

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About the MPC2000 MC

The MPC2000 MC is a highly flexible, multi-process Messer cutting machine that can be equipped with multiple carriages for up to five separate processes including precision plasma, Oxyfuel, drilling up to 2.5”, milling, and markers, with the ability to install up to 4 tool stations.

This plasma cutter delivers clean, smooth cut part edges and precise cut holes, all with high accuracy and repeatability. The MPC2000 MC includes linear motion ways, and state-of-the-art AC servo drives provide dependable machine tool performance.

The drilling and milling high-suction chip vacuum system allows for a cleaner table surface and work area. This system prevents chips from flying off the surface table for operator safety and height-sensing accuracy. There is also a collection hopper for recycling steel chips.

Features & benefits


When it comes to performance, few machines of this size can match the MPC2000 MC

Production Powerhouse

Greatly enhanced drilling, tapping and milling capability a more robust design with faster acceleration drives

Incredible Acceleration

Contouring speeds up to 400 ipm and positioning speeds up to 1400 ipm with acceleration up to 32” per sec squared

Automatic Features

The MPC2000 MC offers options for our tool changer, Slagger table, automatic torch spacing, and so much more

Unmatched Cutting Quality

Powerful, precise, 21 HP drives for the X and Y-Axis, provide smooth accurate motion for excellent cut quality

Incredible Efficiency

The NEW and improved MPC2000 MC is two machines in one producing the best cut parts available on the market



Techs & Specs

Model Mach. Min Profile Max Table Width Mach. Rail Gauge Min Mach. Clearance Overall Clearance
MPC2012 MC 228" 160" 180" 288" 306"
MPC2014 MC 252" 184" 204" 312" 330"
MPC2016 MC 276" 208" 228" 336" 354"
MPC2018 MC 300" 232" 252" 360" 378"
MPC2020 MC 324" 256" 276" 384" 402"
MPC2022 MC 348" 280" 300" 408" 426"
MPC2024 MC 372" 304" 324" 432" 450"
MPC2026 MC 396" 328" 348" 456" 474"
MPC2028 MC 420" 352" 372" 480" 498"


Plasma CuttingPrecision Plasma up to 800 amps
Up to four(4) plasma torches
Plasma LiftersPL-1 w/ SureStop Collision Sensor
Plasma BevelingInfinity
Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit (for X-axis)
Oxyfuel CuttingTurboFlame™
ALFA Torch
Oxyfuel TechnologyOmniflow
Oxyfuel BevelingSingle Position, Triple Position, Contour, DAF/L
Oxyfuel LiftersSL Series
Zinc Powder
Rotary Marker



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