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About the EdgeMax

Messer Cutting Systems EdgeMax is a compact machine with rugged unitized steel table/frame, full capture bearing assemblies and a low-mass aluminum beam driven by dual brushless AC motors.

The EdgeMax provides fast acceleration, precise motion and a stable cutting platform. From precision plasma, conventional plasma or low power plasma, the easy to use touch screen interface with Messer’s Global Control-S can be configured to provide custom solutions for plate cutting.

Optional accessories may be added to customize the EdgeMax, such as a Water Table.

Features & benefits


When it comes to performance, few machines of this size can match the Edgemax.

Increased Productivity

Digital AC amplifiers with 600-watts including brushless AC motors provide quality motion and control, running 1700 IPM in all axes

Easy Operation

Our Global Control offers easy to learn functionality that allow employees to become expert operators in minutes

Incredibly Durable

A compact machine with rugged unitized steel/table/frame full capture bearing assemblies and a high strength low mass aluminum beam

Unmatched Cutting Quality

Pl-1 Lifter enhances height control in plasma cutting, resulting in a higher duty cycle and better cut quality

Incredible Efficiency

The EdgeMax provides fast acceleration, precise motion and a stable cutting platform



Techs & Specs

Model Machine Width Machine Length Tool Coverage
EdgeMax 6' X 12' 135" 239" 6' X 12' Plate
EdgeMax 6' X 24' 135" 400" 6' X 24' Plate
EdgeMax 8' X 12' 159" 239" 8' X 12' Plate
EdgeMax 8' X 24' 159" 400" 8' X 24' Plate
EdgeMax 10' X 12' 183" 239" 10' X 12' Plate
EdgeMax 10' X 24' 183" 400" 10' X 24' Plate


Cutting SurfaceWater Table
Plasma CuttingPrecision Plasma up to 400 amps
Plasma BevelingManual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit (for X-axis)
Oxyfuel CuttingTurboFlame™
Oxyfuel TechnologyOmniflow
Air Scribe
Single Dot Ink-Jet
Specialty CuttingFlexZone - for tube and structural steel cutting



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