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MetalMaster Xcel

X-treme Speeds for Increased Production
Incredible Xcel-eration across the board

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About the MetalMaster Xcel

The MetalMaster Xcel combines all advantages of the next generation of plasma and laser cutting system, while the unitized design allows for faster loading and unloading.

The user-friendly Global Control enables easy integration into your factory LAN system and for Industry 4.0.

The integrated self-cleaning table removes slag and small parts automatically, reducing lost production time generally used for table cleaning.

Features & benefits

Unmatched Cut Quality

The MetalMaster Xcel offers machine motion accuracy to +/- .002" in an 80" area, greatly increasing overall cut quality

Production Powerhouse

This machine offers tons of options for any application, including plasma and oxyfuel cutting, beveling, marking, and so much more

Incredible Acceleration

Positioning speeds up to 3000 ipm with acceleration up to .5g greatly increase your overall production and cycle times


The Slagger, a powerful blade pushes all the accumulated debris to the other end where it can be easily collected for disposal

Downtime Reduction

Rapid Recovery allows for your machine to "learn" the height of the table, quickly positioning the torch to the correct pierce height automatically

Plasma or Laser

Plasma/fiber laser combination cutting allows parts to be processed with either plasma, fiber laser, or both



Techs & Specs

Model Mach. Width - 6' Mach. Width - 8' Mach. Width - 10' Mach. Clearance Length
MM Xcel - 6' by 10'-55' 153.8"
MM Xcel - 8' by 10'-55' 177.8"
MM Xcel - 10' by 10'-55' 201.8"
MM Xcel - 10' 248.3"
MM Xcel - 15' 312.3"
MM Xcel - 20' 376.3"
MM Xcel - 25' 440.3"
MM Xcel - 30' 504.3"
MM Xcel - 35' 568.3"
MM Xcel - 40' 632.3"
MM Xcel - 45' 696.3"
MM Xcel - 50' 760.3"
MM Xcel - 55' 824.3"


Plasma CuttingUp to two
Laser CuttingTwo Fiber Lasers up to 20kw
Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit (for X-axis)
OxyfuelTorbo Flame™
Three ALFA Torches
Air Scribe



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