Introducing the

TMC4500 DB

Heavy-Duty Dual Beam Cutting Machine.
Innovation and excellence in thermal cutting.

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About the TMC4500 DB

The TMC4500 DB workhorse and industry leader when it comes to excellence in thermal cutting.

The TMC4500 DB is a heavy-duty dual box-beam constructed gantry cutting machine, built to perform in any rigorous production environment.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design methods assure that your TMC4500 DB is up to the task of cutting with multiple plasma and oxy-fuel torches.

The TMC4500 DB utilizes precision plasma, oxyfuel, and drilling up to 4” diameter holes plus a wide variety of marking techniques. Add an additional Pipe and Tube cutting package for round pipe beveling. This durable performer has proven its dependability in the demanding surroundings of shipyards, service centers, contract shops, and OEM manufacturers.

Features & benefits


This dual box-beam gantry cutting machine is built to perform in rigorous production environments


Welded steel front and rear beams of various cross sections to provide stability for all processes used

Dual-Beam Cutting

Dual 6 HP AC digital drives move the massive gantry effortlessly with consistent performance

Industrial Powerhouse

The TMC4500 DB cuts material from 26 ga up to 12” thick plate, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Heavy-Duty Workhorse

Proven dependability in the most demanding environments, including shipyards, service centers, and so many more

Dual gantry process beams

Massive dual gantry process beams provide superior bending, and torsional strength for any tool combination



Techs & Specs

Model Max Table Width Mach. Rail Gauge Mach. Min Profile Min Mach. Clearance Min Overall Mach. Clearance
TMC4512 158" 180" 276" 312" 344"
TMC4514 182" 204" 300" 336" 368"
TMC4516 206" 228" 324" 360" 392"
TMC4518 230" 252" 348" 384" 416"
TMC4520 254" 276" 372" 408" 440"
TMC4522 278" 300" 396" 432" 464"
TMC4524 302" 324" 420" 456" 488"
TMC4526 326" 348" 444" 480" 512"
TMC4528 350" 372" 468" 504" 536"


Plasma CuttingUp to 800 Amps
Plasma BevelingInfinity
Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit (for X-axis)
Oxyfuel BevelingSingle Position
Triple Position
Oxyfuel CuttingTurboFlame™
ALFA Torch
LiftersSL Series
PL-1 w/ SureStop Collision Sensor
Oxyfuel TechnologyOmniflow
AutomationAuto Torch Spacing
Height Control
Dual Hi-Low
Air Scribe
Zinc Powder



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