Introducing the

Titan III

5-axis hi-definition CNC plasma cutter.
Massive increase in powerful productivity.

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About the Titan III

With harsh cutting and high heat environments in mind, the Titan III was designed for demanding environments.

Utilizing an innovative end truck design, which houses and isolates the electronics away from the plate processing area, the Titan III can easily handle both heavy plate and around-the-clock operation.

This machine features linear ways in the Y-axis, pitch-line engaged rack and pinions, and our high productivity SL lifters for smooth, repeatable cutting or marking.

Combined with our industry-leading Global Control+, the Titan III lets you cut faster with our easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Features & benefits

Rugged Design

The Titan III was designed with harsh cutting and high heat environments in mind.

Production Powerhouse

Easily handles round-the-clock production with heavy plate cutting requirements.

Incredible Accuracy

Every component of the Titan was designed for smooth, repeatable cutting and marking.


Combined with our Global Control, the Titan can produce with a high degree of accuracy.

Feature Packed

Handles multiple options to suite even the most complex applications in the field.

Rapid Productivity

Built to last and perform, the Titan increases the quality of your cuts, and overall productivity.



Techs & Specs

Model Max Table Width Mach. Rail Gauge Max. Working Width Overall Mach. Clearance
Titan 6' 88" 105.5" 185.5" 221.5"
Titan 8' 112" 129.5" 209.5" 245.5"
Titan 10' 136" 153.5" 233.5" 269.5"
Titan 12' 160" 177.5" 257.5" 293.5"
Titan 14' 184" 201.5" 281.5" 317.5"
Titan 16' 208" 225.5" 305.5" 341.5"


Oxyfuel CuttingTurboFlame®
ALFA Torch
Oxyfuel BevelingSingle Position
Three Position
Plasma BevelingDelta-e
Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit (for X-axis)
PL-1 w/ SureStop Collision Sensor
Oxyfuel TechnologyOmniflow
AutomationTorch Spacing
Height Control
Air Scribe
Zinc Powder



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