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High performance, heavy-duty workhorse.
Multi-process precision cutting system.

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About the MPC2000

The MPC2000 is a multi-process Messer cutting machine that can be equipped with multiple carriages up to five separate processes including precision plasma, oxyfuel, 2" drilling, and markers.

The MPC2000 features enhanced linear ways, long-life band drives, and larger end trucks. It provides high accuracy, repeatability, and durability.

The MPC2000 includes linear motion ways and state-of-the-art AC servo drives provide dependable machine tool performance, delivering smooth cut part edges, precise cut holes, all with high accuracy and repeatability.

Features & benefits

Multi-Process Powerhouse

The MPC2000 is a heavy-duty workhorse with superior technology offering tons of process options


Reinforced steel weldment construction with beams having less than .062” of deflection and 1 degree of twist

Dual-Beam Technology

Dual beam construction separates the front process beam from the rear utility beam in order to increase vibration isolation

Incredible Productivity

Contouring speeds up to 400 ipm and positioning speeds up to 1400 ipm with acceleration up to 32” per sec squared

Feature Packed

The MPC2000 can be equipped with many optional processes, including contour bevelers in both plasma and oxyfuel, capable of K, V, X, Y, and I cuts

Precision Cutting

Powerful 6 HP drives for the X and Y-Axis, provides smooth motion for excellent cut quality and accuracy



Techs & Specs

Model Mach. Min Profile Max Table Width Mach. Rail Gauge Min Mach. Clearance Overall Clearance
MPC2008 180" 112" 132" 240" 258"
MPC2010 204" 136" 156" 264" 282"
MPC2012 228" 160" 180" 288" 306"
MPC2012/14 252" 184" 204" 312" 330"
MPC2016 276" 208" 228" 336" 354"
MPC2016/18 300" 232" 252" 360" 378"
MPC2020 324" 256" 276" 384" 402"
MPC2020/22 348" 280" 300" 408" 426"
MPC2024 372" 304" 324" 432" 450"
MPC2024/26 396" 328" 348" 456" 474"


Plasma CuttingPrecision Plasma up to 800 amps
Plasma LiftersPL-1
Plasma BevelingInfinity
Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit (for X-axis)
Oxyfuel CuttingTurboFlame™
ALFA Torch
Oxyfuel TechnologyOmniflow
Oxyfuel BevelingSingle Position, Triple Position, Contour, DAF/L
Oxyfuel LiftersSL Series
Zinc Powder



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